Limit Breaker Show


On February 18th, 2016, I tendered my resignation letter to the HR of the company where I had worked for 10 years. I had to walk away from it all for a reason.

I resigned to focus on helping individuals who have a message to share with humanity, but are scared, doubtful and confused, to become exceptional by clarifying their messages, build a platform for the communication of their ideologies and to earn by establishing profitable business systems.

I do this primarily through writing, consulting, coaching and training interventions.

Last week I sat down with Fumnanya Bernard to share my thoughts about my journey on her Limit Breaker Show. 

How can having a good work ethic while still employed help you when you eventually resign from your job to start a business?

How do you manage the little time you might have right now to start building a business on the side?

How do you transition from a job to being a full-time entrepreneur?

Transitioning is not meant to be a general phenomenon. By that I mean that transitioning for Mr. A can never be the same for Mr. B. Every one will have a unique journey.

I believe that when you are trying to go through the transition process, you need to know a few things. 

A. How much you need to make that can sustain you and your family.
B. Your fears and you are passionate about. 
C. Your plans for reaching that height of success as an entrepreneur.

In this interview with Fumnanya, I bared my thoughts on a wide variety of subjects that border on the questions above.

Click HERE and listen.

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NB: If you’ve been planning to transition from your job to focus on your passion full time, you can be helped on how to prepare your Transition Plan so that you can transit seamlessly with minimum hassles. Let’s help you.