In Building Your Brand You Have To Learn How To Attract And Convert Prospects


When I travelled to Italy, I decided to do something for my fiancee.

I didn’t know her body size, but I had her pictures with me.

When I stepped into that boutique in Southern Italy, I looked around with my phone in my hand, checked out the girls who served in there, and picked out one who had my fiancee’s stature.

She became my mannequin to test all the clothes and shoes I bought – 15 clothes (including tops and trousers) and 8 pairs of shoes.

Back to Nigeria, I presented the gifts and watched her swoon to high heavens.

When I met her in 2003, I looked out for what she loved, observing, affirming.

I started off with giving her books that made her eyebrows lift in excitement.

She has this particular soap – Eden Soap – she uses. I bought (I still buy) it for her.

Out of my monthly salary, I gave her stipends every month.

Bottom point, I was always bearing gifts to her as my beloved.


You see, gifts are an expression of love between lovers or those about to fall in love. 

They indicate generosity because gifts aren’t usually returned after they’ve been given away. I see the act itself as divine.

Above all, gifts pave the way smoothly so that one can deliver a manifesto – a message, an ideology, or a request.


So it was that when I delivered my “love manifesto”, she accepted and I funnelled her into my heart and life.

It’s been 13 years since then and we’re still together as a couple.

How does this pan out for you?

I go to many speaking events and I see people share fliers. I bet you’ve been to seminars too. People share fliers. Ever taken a look at most of those fliers?

They’re always selling – bags, shoes, houses, cars, whatever.

Most of them give discounts and that’s pretty cool. But then, even with discounts, just the fliers selling to you kinda creates a disconnection of sorts.

Bottom line, many people (including me) hate salesmen. Not literally, though, but we feel itches when we are being sold to, especially what we don’t need. They come off as bugging flies. And I know you hate flies, don’t you?

For me, I’ve decided to do something different. I’ve been more of online conversations, but I’m eliciting offline strategies.

I’ve not been using fliers, but I’ve come up with an invitation to them, not to sell. I’ll use them at my forthcoming speaking engagements.

This is not about fliers, but let’s look at how you can use the “gifting method” to invite people into your business so that you can deliver your “love manifesto” to them and funnel them into your business so you can convert them from prospects to buyers.

My wife’s hairstylist does a particular type of hairstyle for free at her shop. She dedicates one of her best stylists to deliver the job. As the woman’s hair is rounded off, she’s handed a ticket that invites her to be the VIP in the shop with 3 future appointments done at 60% off the full fee.

You have a school? What if you offer 1st term for free, 2nd term at 50% off, and 3rd term at full fees? Or you do a pre-term bootcamp where great value is packed in and you present your designs to the parents?

As a coach or consultant, what if you offer a free consultation for 30 minutes or 1 hour?

As a budding speaker, what if you offer free sessions right in your home, then give an invitation to your experiences at some discount?

At the coffee shop in Port Harcourt where I go to drink coffee, you’re given an invitation to move away from the regulars if you accept to take a card. That card ensures that you get a cup of coffee for free after ten cups. It makes drinkers feel exclusive.

What about car dealers that give an experience to those who visit their shops, thereby instilling a desire in the subconscious that triggers the prospect to either borrow or raise funds to go back to buy the car?

In your area of specialty or domain, think critically. There is something you can design to invite prospects into your business so that you can warm them up, build a relationship with them, and eventually get them investing in your business with their time, words, and money.

Hope the above helps?

Having issues to decipher how to apply in your business, would you want to have a session with me to map that out? Send us a email.