Reading eyeglasses and eye chart

[shareable]To live a life that you desire requires clarity. ~ Emeka Nobis[/shareable]

That’s what I heard a woman say to me yesterday when I told her I had resigned from my job to build my own enterprise. Then I prodded her. She then went ahead to say, “I want to do production.”

Production of what? I further prodded. She was stuck.

It turns out that she didn’t even know what she truly desired, but she was taken in by the desire to wake up and be with her family in mornings without waking with the cocks. I loved the fact that she desired that. Such desires lead to a healthy predisposition.

I prodded her more. And gradually, her hazy glasses began to clear a bit. By asking questions, clarity can be achieved.

She craved freedom like I did for 5 years.

“I want to be free to wake up in the morning, bathe my children, take them to school without thinking of beating the traffic to go to clock at the office.”

“I want to be free to travel to 5 countries of the world every year.”

“I desire to lounge in the Okavanago resort for 3 months each year, listening to the whistling of the trees and shooting wildlife with my camera.”

Those statements above depict clarity.

The freedom comes by creating systems that can support such lifestyle so that you can be truly free. It’s a beautiful world to live in.


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