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And for someone like me who runs a blog and posts thrice a week, it can be a whole lot on my plate. The issue may not be the creation, but running a business of taking what I know and sharing with humanity and earning entails that I wear many hats at the phase where the business is climbing up the scales. Activities as prospecting, writing proposals, marketing, and closing deals can sometimes weigh in so much on the time to be spent on creating content.

A very worrisome situation is having your mind so clogged like a busy street in a cosmopolitan city. Sometimes, you may experience a dip in inspiration. It seems that the godfather of inspiration closed shop and went on holiday, leaving you perspiring.

Nevertheless, the tribe that you leave doesn’t understand that. They need to be fed.

In this post I share my thoughts on what to do get in the zone of creativity and create.

  • Let your mind roam and just float. Many times I have noticed that the times that I have thoughts and ideas tumbling into my mind is when I am doing stuff totally unrelated to the art of creation.

Get out on the street and have a walk. Stare into the sky. Climb a tree. Sniff the scent of petal. Watch kids play. Entertain the thoughts of disorder. Imitate the acts of a dancer on stage.

  • Make some sacrifice. One thing that I noticed when I kicked off full time in business was the illusion that I had all the time in the world now to do what I liked. That can be a killer. I found out that I woke up some days and lounged all day on Facebook without having done any useful work that affected my business.

I had to create a routine much like I had when I was working on my 9-5. I woke at 7 a.m, took my bath, and went to my work table at 8 ( or 9 on some days), crunching for 8 hours till it felt like I was a busy executive heading a conglomerate.

Cut down on TV time. Forgo the chats on your BBM. Kill the rumble in the tummy to engage in non-essentials. Focus and feed your creative spirit with words, ideas, and tasks. Above all, commit to actual creation.

It can be really tasking to create, but when you commit to making it work, your muscles take on the tone and firmness and you start coasting. When you feel a dip, repeat the process once more and get back into the zing.

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