Isn’t it lovely when you rise to receive a message like the one below?


Or yet this one…



You see, buried inside of you are words that other people need to be able to experience transformation in their own lives.

Your experiences, your conjectures, your perspectives, your worldviews, your expertise, and your ideas can be packaged in a book and sold to the world.

Don’t belittle those!

By Wednesday I’ll tell you how by packaging a book of less than 50 pages, scores of thousands have had their lives transformed because of the journeys they commenced by reading the book.

A book grows wings and flies to the corners of the earth where you may never be able to reach physically, touching lives, changing cultures, and triggering action-oriented results that benefit humanity.

There’s no sweeter benefit than to rise early in the morning to receive a message inbox from someone who tells you how much reading your book has been a blessing to his or her life.

That’s one of the benefits that swells my heart for being an author today.

I’ll share others..

There’s a certain perception of credibility that is accorded you when you author a book. At events that I go to speak, my profile is always read out before I mount the stage to speak. In my profile, there’s a line that says, “…he’s an author of 11 books.”

I’ve always experienced a slightly perceptible emission of “wow” from the mouths of those present when they hear that. As I climb to speak, I ride on the energy of such perception. I also notice the attention given to me during the length of my speech. It’s such a beautiful place to be.

Published books set inspiring leaders around the world apart from their counterparts. I’ll say that the process of garnering ideas and thoughts in a logical and sequential flow in a book is a magic that not all mortals can perform.

A book is akin to having your beloved leader in a room with you in a condensed form. While Facebook affords leaders like Strive Masiyiwa the expansiveness to reach folks, publishing his thoughts in a book will do so much more to reach people who miss out on his updates due to challenges of network or the difficulty of following up.


As a businessperson, your book can attract opportunities that positively affect your business. I’ve gotten many speaking engagements because an individual read my book, enjoyed what he read, and invited me to speak at a seminar. I’ve been invited to countless online seminars to share my thoughts and ideas.

By being invited, it gives me an opportunity to showcase my brand to many people. Ultimately, earning accrued from speaking fees add to the revenues that my business gets. It’s such a lovely proposition, don’t you think?


Your book establishes you as an authority in your space. Some months ago I visited a retired university professor who advised me to consider entering into the academic environment and rising to the rank of a professor.

Among all he said, he told me it would be easier for me to attain such a status because of my penchant for publishing books.

“Publishing books and writing in journals are a very effective and fast way to becoming a professor in the university,” he said. I gleaned from his words that book publishing establishes you as an authority in your space, whatever it is.

As an industry expert who has published a book, you become the darling of those who seek to be advised on the nitty gritty of your industry, journalists, and news creators.

There’s power attached to such. Wouldn’t you want to feel it? You bet!


You grow wealth as an author. The online world has liberalised the space for people like me. My books domiciled online will be there for as long the Internet exists. By publishing on Amazon people around the world can purchase and cheques are sent to me here in Nigeria.

Also, as my opportunities to speak to larger forums arise, selling my books to attendees at events is a great way to make money. Imagine being able to speak at events every Saturday of the year to audiences of about 500 each.

Let’s do the math. If 100 of them buy a book of yours for $10, that’s $1000 dollars weekly made from a single book. It can be much more.

The beautiful side of this is that a book can become a tool for building a business funnel. Sadly, many authors think in terms of just writing a book and selling. Instead of just selling, you can build a book into corollaries and stacks that rake in much more for you.

Let me explain that further.


Grow Your Platform is a compilation of the essentials of growing a platform. It’s a free download used to attract prospects into my home via the funnel I set up and then indoctrinate them to upgrade to higher experiences.

The same book has been transformed into a class people pay N20,000 to attend.

The book has been expanded into a coaching experience that I charge N200, 000 a month for.

The book is being made into audio CDs and a digital course to be sold this year.

So you see, a book is a tool for business growth and not necessarily to always sell and make money..

It’s a system. That’s how a businessman in the writing industry thinks and executes

There you go…..


Are you ready now to publish?

I’ve got some good news..

They said to me it was not possible to make money writing ebooks.

In 2017 I made N3m from just selling the ebooks, and not the corollaries.

They said to me writing on Facebook was a waste of time. Yes, my friends laughed at me when I told them I was quitting engineering to focus fully on my path and use my gifts.

Oh well, I have my story now.

My first book, THE PROFOUND LIFE, was a disaster.

It was published in 2011.

I had printed 1000 copies. My colleagues, friends, and family (just a handful) bought slight above 500 copies.

Even my church people turned their noses up when I told them I was selling at N1,000. They asked me to sell at N500 or give them away for free as work of the Lord.”

I gave the rest away. Yes, I gave them away as gifts (in my heart they were gifts!)

I had borrowed the N400,000 I used to print those books. By the time production was done, I had spent over N500,000.

Selling a copy at N1,000, you guess what my profit should have been by selling 1000 copies.

The money I made I spent it on rent and scraped by to pay back the one I borrowed. My luck was that it was a non-interest loan.

That was in 2011.

After that disaster, I rose like a Phoenix out of the ashes and turned a lightbulb on. I dug my heels into the business of authoring and marketing.

For 5 years, I stayed away from writing any book. I kept soaking in, learning, and developing strategies.

In 2017 I dug in again, creating an audacious goal to author 12 books. I did 7.

All have been ebooks and despite the challenges of marketing ebooks in Nigeria and beyond (all have been through my platform), I’ve hit the 3 million naira mark in less than a year.

Guess what, all profits have come to me.

I’m not on active on Amazon. Someone helped me put my first book there, but till date, not even a cent.

I’m not on Okadabooks. I’m not on Yudala or Goodreads or Kobo. I’m yet to publish on those platforms.

I know a lot of authors have the same burning issues. Perhaps, you have the same bugs.

You are scared to begin.

You are scared you’ll fail.

You’re scared you won’t make money.


I’m handing over to you the template to deal with your challenges.

In a 15-day experience you’ll know….

1. The most important person marketing your book.

2. Why you should not fuss on title and design.

3. Why you should make noise!

4. Why your marketing should start on the day the idea of the book is conceived.

5. How to utilise integrated strategy.

6. Why you should start speaking in public.

7. How to leverage on influencers to spread word.

8. How to utilise stacking + deadline strategy.

9. How to utilise giveaways.

10. How to distill your book into corollaries.

11. Why you should make social media your ally.

12. How to encourage readers to share their own unique experiences.

13. How to utilise cause-driven strategy.

14. How to utilise paid ads and outreaches.

15. Why you should never stop talking about your book.

And there is a BONUS!

Ever been worried about how to come up with ideas for your writing?

Ever felt the tyranny of blank sheets where you’re dealing with writer’s block? Want to be put through a 7-day experience to show you how to tap ideas in the earth (sources, materials, and disposition) so you don’t have to experience a block anymore.

That’s why I developed IDEA BANK FOR WRITERS.

IDEA BANK FOR WRITERS costs N7,000, but it’s the BONUS for being part of this experience.

So for N25,000 you have access to both.

That’s N32,000 given to you for N25,000.


My goal is to help you make your first million in book sales in less than 3 months. It took me 6 months, but it should take you LESS.

To take action and commence this journey click here.