Hidden behind veils, we shoot forth our insecurities. This is what I’ve come to discover.

Many times I’ve asked myself what the difference between the armed forces and the armed robbers is.

They are armed. They kill. The armed forces kill the bad guys (and sometimes the good guys) and the armed robbers kill the good guys (and sometimes the armed forces who get in their way).

The bottom line is that they kill. Righteously and unrighteously.

The difference between us and those caught in a crime – the killers, stalkers, petty thieves, those who pilfer corporate accounts, and others – is that they progressed from thinking to acting on the thoughts. They went beyond the thoughts in their heads to mouthing theirs.

We’ve often encountered thoughts where we felt that others didn’t deserve what they got. We’ve felt superior at times, romanticising that thought and backing it up with the confidence that comes from the plethora of laurels or achievements.

Unknown to you, the thoughts that you harbour either deplete your creative energies or amplify them. They are tied to the successes you attain or the failures you experience.

There’s an exercise that you must consistently engage in to be consistently functioning at the optimum level that exceptional thought leaders operate on.