In my business as a thought leader, teaching folks how to grow their platforms, crafting the right content is key.


I’ve helped about 10 clients in the past 3 months to learn the power of creating the right content to grow their platforms.
Crafting the right content can help you launch yourself as an expert in the field, initiate the attraction you desire, and trigger the right conversations, and ramp up sales.
Over the years, I’ve committed myself to learning how the human mind works and how to do it excellently as a thought leader.
Currently, I’m coaching a client on how to grow his platform as a fitness and financial expert. Let’s call him Mr X.
After helping him clarify his path (which is the first phase of the journey) using my MYM™ system, the next was to choose and platform and craft his first attraction content.
Below is what we crafted together :
I grew up in a closely knit family with lots of aunties and uncles. Holidays were always crazy fun. One thing that occurred without fail was receiving cash gifts from departing uncles and aunts for doing well in school or for good behaviour.
All cash gifts received had to be submitted to mum and dad for inspection and acknowledgment. My folks would usually reach out and say, “Emeka just showed us the money you gave him. Thank you.”
For the earliest part, mum kept most of the money. One unusual evening she came home, holding a pack for me. On close examination I saw a rectangular wooden box with a tiny hole, big enough to allow a coin or a note in.
Unknowingly, I was being introduced to the saving culture. It was my first banking experience – all deposits and no withdrawals.
In the months that followed the receipt of that box, all monies were deposited in it. The plan was to put away enough money to buy something nice for Christmas.
The amount wasn’t the issue. What was important was ensuring that something and everything got deposited into the box consistently.
On that fateful morning, some pre-decided day in December, my box would be retrieved from its hidden spot. I would huddle around excitedly with my brothers and gradually crack it open, revealing its precious contents. Counting the stash was fun.
This task, though basic, and recounted from childhood, has trailed me into adulthood. I no longer use my wooden box. It’s somewhere amongst my things. Might probably hand it down to my kid someday.
Now, we use banks, but if you still want to use your wooden box, it’s cool. Let me know in the comments.
Let’s drill to the basics and see the elements at work. 
By telling his story at the beginning, it introduces him as original. Your story is original. It’s yours and no one else’s. By doing so, you get eyes and ears to pay attention because they’ve not heard the story before.
By sharing the story of his childhood, he elicits nostalgia in the heart and mind of the reader. This creates certain emotions that make the reader begin to journey back to his or her childhood.
By sharing the story that has a bearing on finances, he sends a subtle message of how he managed his finances as a little child, a supposedly subtle hint at proving that he kicked off the habit as a little kid, sending off a scent of trustworthiness and a history of dependability.
He describes the saving culture he practiced as a child. By narrating the strategy he used back then, he connects with the history of many of his readers who utilised the same strategy during childhood.
The effect of this reference to the past is a powerful subliminal framing that seeps into the subconscious and creates a powerful imagery. Impressing the right imagery pushes your client into taking a step.
Mr X has set off to help to help individuals to live financially sane lives. However, he doesn’t want to go posing as one and pushing it into faces by writing,” Hey, I’m a financial expert, listen to me!” By utilising the power of storiation and subtle positioning, he knocks off sentiments and resistance in the mind of the reader.
He ends the post by triggering conversations. By reading the comments on the post, Mr X would get involved in the lives of the commenters, learn from them and create a connection which is useful to lead his tribe while serving them with useful solutions.
Can you see how powerful the craft is?
By doing so, Mr X began a conversation with someone that same day just by being intentional with his messages.
By working on this with him, he’s becoming positioned to do great exploits. Mr X still works as a civil engineer, but with his laptop and creating his products via his platform growth, he’d be happy and also earn.
I’ve decided to teach these elements at EXHUME! I shall be teaching this in class to the folks who have signed up to become exceptional at building enterprises based on their knowledge, expertise, experience, and gifting.
Date : 22nd October, 2016.
Fee : N15,000. 
Time : 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Venue : No. 2 Oyefeso Avenue (road between Consolidated Hallmark Insurance and Fidson Limited) off Ikorodu Road, Obanikoro, Lagos.
Entry is only available to 30 participants only.
To register, please pay into GTBank, 0120774989, Profound Impacts International. Thereafter, email
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