It seems everyone is busy securing their own breaths to consider handing you a lifeline.

You could pick a stray dog on the street, but someone will say that there are so many of them out there, so who gives a damn?

They say you shouldn’t toot your own horn, but in these times, folks aren’t so keen on doing that when they don’t have a reason to. You’re left with the horn. What do you do? Toot it!

I’m not saying you should go shoving your game into people’s face to the point of apprehension, but standing up for what you believe, choosing to say it or share it as much as you can.

Perhaps, you could win a lottery or have a dying grandfather will his fortunes to you, but how many in the billions of people on earth have such luck?

What happens to the rest of us? We are the ones who take the ropes and head out to climb the mountain of success, daring the blizzards, and keeping eyes trained on the top.

[shareable]Now, you have the privilege. It’s within your lap to show up and show the world how great you are![/shareable]



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