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If you’ve ever desired to become influential in this art, there are three things you must commit to doing as from today.

These key areas work in every industry you can think of. Great leaders of time explored these three areas to either cause devastation or change the course of mankind for good.

Nelson Mandela,Wole Soyinka,  Maya Angelou, Theodore Roosevelt, and Saddam Hussein used/are using these keys.

Adolf Hitler, Nnamdi Kanu and ISIS used/are using these keys.

You want to know? Read on!

You must define which area you must commit your energies to. You can’t be know for everything under the sun. You should be known for something tangible. I usually get to see this “scatterbrained” approach with writers at the aspiration level who scatter their energies writing on a diversity of topics in the hope of hitting one meaty duck.

Clarify the area in which your perception and expertise must grow and commit to growing your commitment to excellence.

In the years gone, this communication was by either voice or written or audiovisual forms. Those platforms were controlled by a sort of oligarchy who were monopolistic. Those who wanted to get noticed climbed lots of bureaucratic walls. Sometimes, it was pretty expensive to do so.

In our time, the virtual space has given everyone a leverage to create content and fling it to the uttermost part of the earth in a matter of minutes.

In this game, I hold Seth Godin in very high esteem. He’s a man who wakes up daily and goes to work to produce content for the tribe that he feeds. He’s one man who has helped to shape my worldviews and improved my work as a thought leader.

Today, it boils down to your own choice. Choose your area of least resistance – written texts, videos, or audios. Then commit to viciously producing and dishing content regularly.

If there’s nothing else that you picked from this post, this third key should be written down on a placard and hung on the ceiling above your head – where you look at it first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

Your tribe is the group of persons who love your thoughts and trust you. They’re the ones to whom you’re famous. They’re the ones with whom you’re bound by common ideologies and are willing to let you lead them along the paths that you’ve carved.

In leadership classes that I teach, I encourage tribe leaders to build occultic followership, not to wield powers negatively, but to raise folks who have connected with their works emotionally and are willing to be evangelistic about them.

In our time, the virtual world has also helped tremendously, aiding us to connect with many individuals in a way we may not do in our lifetime.

Choose an embassy – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Periscope or any of the numerous channels out there – and show up to do the work involved.

I’ll also advise, above everything, to build your own home – your blog. It’s where you have command and where your thoughts are frozen in time.

This post has no more breathing space for me to pen down the advantages of building your own home.  I’ll share that in coming posts, so don’t miss coming back here weekly to check.

If you focus on doing these three things, you’ll be amazed that not only will you gain influence and fame, the monetary rewards will pour in to the amazement and satisfaction of your heart.

I just hope you do.


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