As a thought leader I illuminate paths to the future, help to shatter perceptions steeped in myth and inspire hearts to lead productive lives.

This responsibility of leadership comes with a risk – stumbling into opposition by closed and terrified minds and our openness to challenge.

This act of creative leadership is human because we want to advance the course of humanity, dispelling the dark tunnels that bind for the brighter lights of human power. We are generous about this because the weight of that responsibility is huge.

Our intention is to cause a change by bringing humanity into the unity of co-creation, a connectivity that is so powerful that it can alter societies for greater good.

We may be imperfect but we don’t wait in silence, but we speak up as the sages we are.

Being thrust into the limelight as a result, the visibility opens up our vulnerability, a state many fear to be in. But being in the spotlight is the greatest strength we have to lead others towards thresholds of change.