So I went to church as usual yesterday.

For me, the most interesting parts of service are the singing times and sermon.

Solemn songs rent the air and worshippers leave the earthly realms. I cut short my own ascension to look at faces.

Feminine facial expressions hold the fancy for me – pouted lips (painted and unpainted), squirmed dimples, eyes shut or half-open, contorted lashes – animated expressions signalling their entrapment.

Anyway, the sermon was punchy.

I could feel the usual oohs and aahs and the occasional outbursts of “Preach it, pastor!”

Then someone beside me blurted, “This pastor de make me vex. See as him de yarn and I de vex about my life because I need to repackage my life!”

I turned to look at him. His expression was intriguing. You could see someone whose life was being redesigned by the words he was hearing.

As I looked around the auditorium, I could see different facial expressions similar to the guy’s, but also of excitement and mild irritation.

You see, I take growing influence like that of the church.

My responsibility is to feed the members of the community like you.

However, of what essence is the feeding if doesn’t elicit some emotions that trigger you to take certain actions, same way the pastor did with his message.

That’s why when sending emails, the content you feed your tribe is important.

And if you’re asking what to feed them with, that’s what I’m addressing today.

This will always play a role. What’s your core? What’s your overwhelming worldview that you package into an ideology to offer to the world?

Your worldview – your core – is as simple as stating what challenge in the world you want to deal with.

It could be helping companies double their income generation or eliminate cancer or to help individuals achieve fame by utilising their talents or to help women overcome the stigma of Caesarean section or desiring to clear the water bodies of the tons of plastics thrown into them

Secondly, you have to distill your core into corollaries. By corollaries, I mean the distinctive components that are drawn from your core message.

It’s just like how crude oil is distilled down into petrol, diesel, kerosene and others.

For example, if your core is leadership for the church. Your corollaries can be administration, caregiving, onboarding techniques, therapeutic approach to healing, and mentoring.

So, sit down today and define yours.

Thirdly, source for content to share from within you and from external.

Share your stories.

Share strategies that you designed that worked.

Share your failures.

Share your ideas about a concept in your industry.

Share about the books you read and the inferences you drew from the book.

Share your perspective on matters in the news.

Share your stands on issues especially controversies.

Share your lifestyle – journeys, travels, family antics, and spirituality.

Share your solution system to helping your clients experience results.

I bet that by now you’re seeing that there’s an abundance of what to share that you will spend your whole life dishing great content that feeds your tribe.

So run off and rock the creation genie in you!

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