There's A Need To Write A Book, No Matter The Industry You Are In


Barack Obama, former President of the United States of America, wrote a book. He is a politician.

Dr Sanjay Gupta wrote a book. He is the multiple Emmy award winning chief medical correspondent for CNN.

Anthony Robbins published a book recently. He has written a couple of books. He’s an entrepreneur, philanthropist and life coach.

Omowumi Maggie Smart has written a book. She is a work-from-home mum.

There are so many books that have been written by lawyers, oceanographers, physicists, pastors, graphic artists. The titles released by people in different professions are so many that it can become a daunting task to count all of them.

I studied engineering for 5 years. I practiced engineering for 10 years. I’ve written 9 books so far.

I had a conversation with someone recently. When I mentioned about writing books in her area of expertise as something that would shoot her farther beyond her imagination, she hollered, “I’m not a writer because I can’t write those big big words that I see you write.” I smiled when she said so.

The idea of writing has been seen by many to be the reserve of those who are hailed as “writers” in the technical sense of it.

You don’t need any special thing. You just have to be willing to write your words on paper. The ability to string words and lace them with those expressiona is learnt as a skill. The starting point is to start writing and then begin to get better.

If you are able to think something and then put down your thoughts, you’re already writing.

If you have observed something and you put them down in simple easy-to-understand words, you’re already writing. You’re a writer.

If you can organize, process and put your thoughts in black and white on a paper or spread them on a digital gadget, you’re writing. You’re a writer.

Debunking the myth, I guess many want to be called “writers” by others, to feel that validation before stepping out to do something.

So, it means that writing a book can be done by anyone. You can be an author!

As long as you have thoughts, observations, processes, experiences, ideologies, philosophies, ideas, and expertise, you can package them in books.

The advantages of being an author are so many, but one that makes me so happy is that my book bears my thoughts and it can be transported millions of miles away into the hands of humans that I can never meet in my lifetime. It’s such a humbling prospect.

Do you want to know why you fail with your books, especially when it comes to having them in the hands of thousands and even millions of people?

I’ll tell you.

When I decided to go pro in 2011, I had to do things differently. I’d heard all the downsides of the art in Nigeria. I saw why writers were tanking. I had to focus on the business side of the art. There is a big difference between the two.

I realised that my success as a writer depended on two things

1. Building my brand via vicious showcasing and communication.

2. Building a community of believers who are willing and able to invest time and money.

The biggest myth I’ve come across in the writing industry is that the hardest part of the process of being an author is writing the book.

That’s a big lie!

It’s a killer feeling to pour your being into writing a manuscript and going through all the motions of producing it as a book and then…nobody buys it.

At most, your Facebook friends lather you with praises. Perhaps, your family folks buy a few. Your church folks buy a few to show their support.

Sad truth is that your book sales figure never hits the five-figure mark. Six figures becomes an utopian dream.

In Nigeria where I live and work, to make a good living via writing books alone can be like poking the devil’s nostrils.

It’s very frustrating to launch your book and to have it tank. All you see are trickles of money from sales.

I found the strategy to making it easier to market your book.

It’s by assembling a team of believers for 30 days before the book hits the shelves.

A launch team helps you get word out to their friends and colleagues.

A launch team brings their expertise to bear on the finesse and grace of the book.

Above all, with effective strategies, they will help you rake in sales.

In February, one of the tasks of my launch team was to make ADDICTED TO WRITING go viral. The impression was profound. The picture attached is a snapshot of a few hours into the campaign.

For your book, you need to use a launch team.

I’m ready to show you how!


If you’re reading this and you’re serious about launching your next book with a team, get on board.



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