Why should you write a book?

I fell in love with a girl in my first year in the university. It was my first time to really fall in love.

No sex. No kissing. Just being together and enjoying the silence of still bodies and the words emitting from our mouths.

February 14th, 2009, she threw the bomb that sent me reeling to the curb. She called me a small boy who didn’t know how to make love and walked away with a raggamuffin.

That week I failed to do my assignment and I got a B. My Grade Point (GP) was a 4.95 out of 5 points as a result of that.

I recovered in my second year and met a new girl. She was part of the most influential Christian fellowship body in university back then. I felt she’d not be interested in sex, but a sweet relationship. I was happy. We did assignments together.

Then I began hearing stuff from my friends. She was in a relationship with a guy who was living off campus. She’d leave the hostel to go and visit him, cook for him, and take care of his needs. I noticed that for 2 semesters, she’d stay back in school and delayed going home.

I was distraught and confronted her. She confessed. We broke up.

I recovered yet again and fell in love with another girl. She doted on me seriously. I felt I was in heaven. We loved each other, or so I thought. We saw each other everyday. I was 20 and she was 18.

One day she confessed to me that she had also been dating another guy. She told me that she couldn’t date only one guy because of how her first boyfriend treated her after all the love she gave to him.

I was shocked. I couldn’t hold it in. We broke up.

I fell in love yet again in my 4th year at the university. Nice girl and sweet, but she seemed to be confused as to what she really wanted. One night, she took me to a party. She told me she wanted me around. I didn’t know if she wanted to deal with me or what. I went.

As soon as we got to the party I saw a different human being. She ignored me, drank with the guys at the party, and sat on the laps of one of them whom she held onto snugly.

I was struck by waves of anger. I walked out and went to sit outside till morning. My heart was torn. It was at that point that I turned into a bad boy. I swore to deal with girls.

And I did. I became a soldier. Curse words flowed from me effortlessly. I dated those who dated others. I dated those who broke with their boyfriends because of me and I dumped them. I felt power ooze out of me to see ladies beg and cry. I was past caring.

But then a time came and I got mellow. I found my life was just hollow. I met another girl and my love became softened. My guys took comedic jabs at me, but I decided I was done messing up. I loved her with my heart. It was a strange decision, but one that gave me a new lease.

You see, my story of heartbreaks and eventual repair are enough for me to write a book. The book can also be made into a movie.

Why will it be turned into a book or a film? That’s the big WHY!

Imagine how my life had affected others – turning them into cold machines that hurt others? Did you also see how cyclical the emotions of pain went through my life and the life of others I’d dated? Then I turned a new leaf.



My WHY can be to help those who’ve been hurt by love to heal and truly love others. My WHY can be to document my stories so that others can connect with it and see the need to also document theirs.

What are your objectives and since this is a project, where do you see yourself going with the project? What’s your end goal?

Your purpose is like your finish line. If you don’t have that purpose in mind, you’ll be spluttering like a dying Volkswagen car.


Let me ask you a few questions that serve as a pointer…

Do you want to grow the reach of your brand? That’s what I did with So You Call Yourself A Writer? and I’m currently doing with Grow Your Platform. They’re books that have gotten me grand recognition.

Do you want to sell a million copies of it in less than a year? Of course, this is a great objective. It’s measurable and achievable.

Do you want to use the book to build your business?

Do you want do it because you want to spread an infectious passion for the knowledge you have to the world you live in?

The essence of purpose is to establish why you need to read the book.

It’s the same thing as rising everyday and asking yourself why you should walk away from your bed.

With a WHY you have a roadmap and your energy is sustained to write the book from the beginning to the end.


Today, after reading, think about your WHY for wanting to write a book.

Write it down in your journal. It’s very key for the success of your book writing and eventual publishing.