During my university days, we clamoured for the best-paying jobs. We prided ourselves as the ones who should nick them. After all, it was purely compensatory for all the hours we had spent learning to become engineers.

We passed out and got into different jobs. Then the truth dawned on us. There’s a difference between your love for a job and the fleeting joy that money brings. Many of us got into soul-sucking, thankless jobs, doing work that was either repetitive or lacked the ability to stir our creativity.

Doing what you love makes you get a lot of things done. You just dive into the stream of creative work and you never pant for breath for many hours. And as you swim to the surface after many hours, you realize that you didn’t feel the time flying past.

Folks will ask you how you get all those things done. The secret is that you’ve hit that sweet spot. It’s the spot where work is an enjoyable game. It doesn’t feel like work in the conventional sense of the work. You’re digging into why you’re breathing 100%