The day my first published book got off the press one late evening in 2011, I was over the moon with excitement.

By the next day I carried 20 copies of the book to the office to show off to my colleagues.

Many of them were proud of me. One paid for 10 copies. Others who bought told other colleagues of ours and they came to order theirs.

Many of them bought on credit, but paid when they received their salaries.

After selling roughly over 200 copies, the tap closed. I became stuck. Beyond my colleagues and family members, I realised to my utter shock that I couldn’t make anymore sales.

I was able to pay back the loan I’d taken to publish the book, so I was in the clear.

I was angry also because my church members underpriced the book. Many called me “copy and paste Nigerian author” and it hurt real good.

After a few months, out of frustration, I began giving away copies of the book to people for free.

For 6 years I refused to publish another book. I needed to study the terrain and understand what made me not make a killing from the sales.

My findings were astonishing.

In 2017 I set forth once more to publish 12 ebooks that year. I eventually ended up doing 7 books. And quite satisfactorily, I raked in dough – making N3m in less than 6 months. That beat the record I had set to make from ebooks.

Marketing your book starts from the day the idea is conceived. It starts by sharing it with the individuals who follow your thoughts.

It’s by building remarkable relationship with a teeming group of people who are invested in all you do by their time, efforts, and money.

Many tend to see this as self-promotion. Oh well, many writers say that they hate that and would love to hand over all aspects of marketing to someone else.

There’s yet another mistake. They focus keenly on themselves when they think about marketing. Totally wrong!

I realised that to make the journey easy, it starts by committing to building your own author platform. If you’ve not understood the fundamentals of growing your platform, download this resource now for free.

Since I committed to it, it’s made my journey a whole lot easier.

In this post, I’ll share with you 5 out of 15 effective marketing strategies that have helped me so far on this journey of being a profitable author.

It’s your sole responsibility to get involved in spreading word about your books.

Speak about it at meetings. Refer to it in conversations. Speak about it in public speaking engagements.

If there’s something that you should never scrimp on, it’s your title and design.

If you see a book titled Damn Marriage, This Shit Is Hard, will you pause and take a look?

If your book doesn’t elicit curiosity and call attention within a few seconds within which many people take decisions of buying, you’re toast.

Speaking in public is one powerful way to be before people and sell off the stage. By being on stage, you exude power and authority and can easily wield influence to cause people to buy your books.

Utilize integrated marketing approach.

Begin connecting with hearts via email. Set up your Facebook bot so that you can reach thousands in their Facebook inbox. Facebook bot has a high open rate (up to 80%), meaning that 800 out of 1000 people read your messages.

Do text messaging to numbers on your phone, intimating them of the need to buy your books.

Set up broadcast lists and commence being a blessing to the people who are on your WhatsApp. For me, the moment someone becomes my WhatsApp contact, I add them to my lists and begin doling out value to them.

Distill your book into corollaries. Realise that you book isn’t just a book. It’s a business tool. Your book can be distilled into strategy sessions, virtual masterminds, live classes and coaching experiences that people can pay for separately.

Realise that these corollaries can be offshoots of your book’s contents and you do is to expand on them.

This what I do with my book, Grow Your Platform. From the same book, I’ve developed my corollaries – live classes, strategy sessions and coaching experiences –  that people pay for separately, chunking up wealth.



Regarding GROW YOUR PLATFORM, see the picture below.


Did you zoom to see the number I marked?

That’s 20,484 downloads since I published it on 28 January 2017.

Even if we halve that number, that book has gotten into the hands of 10, 242 people.

For nothing else, I’m in the hearts of those people; people to whom I’ve added a jot of importance here and there.

If that’s nothing worth of being accorded some accolades, I wonder what else.

You too, can.

Just close your eyes now and imagine 10,242 people holding a book in their hands or on their devices and screaming, “Thank God (insert your name) wrote this book!” in the silence of their hearts.

Yes, you can be that megaSTAR in their lives.

It starts by you writing and launching a book.

And if you’re scared or beating yourself in the head as to how, I wrote GROW YOUR PLATFORM just by being a WhatsApp group and teaching what I know for 3 days.

And I know you know something, even if it’s how you tamed that dog that bit you or how you cook the delicacies you cook or how your shoe soles got flattened by all the walk to submit CVs and attend interviews and finally got the job.

Emeka, it’s time to write a book that will get you known globally.

Yes, globally because the Internet is helping us tear boundaries.

It’s time for you to Be The DON in your industry!

And yes, you can!

All through the 5 Saturdays in September, I’ll be showing YOU the very simple ways to do so even if you’ve never considered yourself being an author.

Join us in the WhatsApp group called IKIGAI where the knowledge bombs will be thrown.

Fire me a message via WhatsApp for details on how to join us.