Listening to radio is great. However, filling my system with the news that fill me with fear cripples me. In fact, most of what we listen to on radio kills us. Yes, they kill us!

Our world has given us a great power – the power of choice. I listen to souls that make me feel dwarfed with regards to my creative exploits. They inspire me to reach beyond the fibres of my own ability.

Here are my top 10 podcasts that put the zing into me.

1. Audacity To Lead Podcast. This is owned by Dayo Samuel. Dayo is the only Nigerian that I know for now that has been consistent with his podcasting and is vigorous about it. His podcast can be found on iTunes and Stitcher. As a thought leader intent on building a formidable platform, Dayo’s messages help me gain clarity and focus. Have Dayo speak to your heart as from today.

2. Smart Passive Income With Pat Flynn. Pat talks about all aspects of online business, from blogging to automation, all designed to help create passive income streams. His podcasts have been download more than 11 million times.

3. Seth Godin’s Startup School Podcast. Seth Godin has contributed immensely to the way I think and write. He inspired my desire to write short blog posts. His podcasts are filled with otherworldly thinking that gets you revving. When asked what he does, Seth will reply, ‘I’m Seth Godin and on a good day, I make a ruckus.” And that’s what Seth makes me become everyday – a ruckus maker. Making ruckus – departing from the norm – is a great feeling.

4. The Tim Ferriss Show. Tim is the author of The 4-Hour Workweek, a New York Times, Wall Street Journal and BusinessWeek bestseller, and a must-read for anyone starting a business. Google that book and download it for free. His podcast is the top business podcast on iTunes and often features some high profile guests.

5. Amy Porterfield. I knew Amy when I enrolled at Michael Hyatt’s Platform University. She’s a bunch of ideas when it comes to online marketing, especially the use of social media online marketing. Her podcast is strictly on these strategies. You can also like her page on Facebook – – so that her remarkable ideas can stream on your wall.

6. Internet Business Mastery. Jeremy Frandsen and Jason Van Orden left regular jobs to pursue online businesses and create seven-figure incomes. Both are advocates of taking passions and developing them into profitable online businesses. With more than 260 podcasts so far, their episodes cover everything an online entrepreneur needs to be successful, from creating and selling you first digital product to explaining the best ways to self-fund an online business.

7. Jeff Goins’ The Portfolio with Jeff Goins. This is a podcast that helps me find the courage to pursue writing as a transforming art. Jeff’s messages are centred on creating work that is meaningful. He’s such a treasure to me.

8. Michael Hyatt’s This Is Your Life with Michael Hyatt podcast. My art took a different dimension since I got to know him through a woman I respect a lot, Bidemi Mark-Mordi. Bidemi is the founder of Effectual Magazine. She’s phenomenal woman.

Michael’s works made me know that building a business around my art was the best way to go. He rocks!

9. This Week in Startups. This is a podcast that has both video and audio formats. Its library is composed of over 560 episodes that feature some of the most notable and successful startup founders. This is a great podcast for business owners to gain additional growth and strategic ideas, as well as for people just getting ready to start their own business.

10. Entrepreneur on Fire. Entrepreneur on Fire’s host and founder, John Lee Dumas, interviews inspiring and successful entrepreneurs seven days a week. The podcasts are designed to highlight the failures and lessons learned as well as successes achieved by each guest. These types of real-life examples provide great motivation and also help entrepreneurs avoid common mistakes that others have made.

So, those are my top 10.

You can tap from these minds if you so desire. You can also scout for as many as you can on Stitcher and iTunes.

I do believe that your mornings will become more colourful as from today.

Live your best life always!